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Grow Your Own Purple Dendrobium Orchid


My beautiful orchids grow on the southeast side of my home. It is by far the most beautiful plant I own. I get a warm feeling inside when I come home to my orchids. The room is brighter, and my smile is bigger. I water each Orchid on a specific day and time each week, depending on the orchid type. I take intimate care of each flower. Seeing the results is so much FUN!

My friends come to visit and always talk about my beautiful orchids. They touch the petals and smell the pollen. My orchids brighten the whole room. It is so much fun discussing the “secrets” to orchid growth.

Do you want to discover the secrets to grow exotic orchids? You have come to the right place!


  • Did you know that there is over 35,000 accepted orchid species in the world? Yea really! There is Moth orchids, Dendrobium orchids, Slipper Orchids, Boat Orchids and many more…
  • Did you know that you can easily over water your orchid? And kill it!
  • Did you know that some orchids prefer indirect light often covered by a white drapes?
  • Did you know, the day and night temperature fluctuation of 10 – 15 degrees Fahrenheit has a major effect on the orchids ability to bloom?
  • Did you know that every Orchid species responds different to its care depending on the Orchid’s original origin and the current season?

Overwhelmed yet?

Have no fear. We are here to help! Orchid care today is dedicated to simplifying the orchid care process. You will learn in basic words, a step by step program to grow beautiful orchids from your home. From temperature to soil compaction. Learn the secrets the pros already know. We are dedicated to making orchid care simple. We do not care about using big words to impress you. We want to make growing orchids SIMPLE and FUN!

Picture this: You walk home from a hard days work. The orchid you were not sure about has just bloomed. You see the gorgeous colors and the elegant style. The thought comes to mind, “Man, life is not too bad. If my orchid can bloom, than so can I!” The beauty of your home grown orchid has just changed your perspective on life! The life of an orchid can change your perspective. Orchids blooming are the pick-me-up you need…

Let’s grow Orchids, to better your life!

We are so confident in our product, that we guarantee improved orchid health and blooming in 7 days or less. Allow our “Orchid Care for Beginners” eBook to be your step-by-step guide. With the knowledge you gain from our eBook, you will have the foundation you need to start growing blooming GORGEOUS orchids. Stop waiting and hoping, take action.

People have different problems:


  • Slow Orchid Blooming
  • No new Orchid Blooms in a new season
  • Limited Re-Flowering
  • Premature Orchid death
  • And much more….

Our eBook: “Orchid Care Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners,” walks you through all the steps to bring you from Orchid beginner, to neighborhood expert.  You will see positive growth within the first week! How do you know if you Orchid is truly healthy?? We will walk you through the inspection as well. Discover everything you need to know, in one place. Discover what the pros have been doing to stay ahead.  Can you hear your Orchid calling out “Help me!” Read our eBook today!…

“Thank you so much! Your secret tips helped my orchids explode with growth!”
Zach, Previously an Orchid Beginner

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